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We’re on a mission to empower social, environmental and economic impact through strategy and digital design. Working at an intersection of purpose and intention, we craft stories and digital experiences in both existing and emerging markets, seeking better standards for people, planet and profit.

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We are the guide to your hero, empowering you to change standards at the intersection of purpose and intention.

We aim to build relationships that redefine success and longterm mindset. Inspired by ever-changing needs and expectations, our work is in a constant iteration, with our processes continually shifting as we improve our understanding of overlapping impact-driven industries. Beyond our core team, we take the Hollywood approach to collaborating with experts and building capacity with value, utilising a network of thinkers and makers based across the globe, all aligning with a common goal: to create meaningful design, with lasting impact.
Our work encompasses creative strategy, high-value digital design, and storytelling. We specialise in these three overarching services to understand patterns, trends, and to build brands that matter. Having worked with businesses and progressive organisations both big and small, we focus on establishing relationships that challenge the status quo, and seek out better social, environmental, and economic standards.
Economy of Hours
Economy of Hours
A radical social currency where locals exchange skills and time, one hour for one hour.
Design Declares
Design Declares
The national campaign to encourage designers to take action on the climate and ecological crisis.
Only One
Only One
The digital action platform for people who love the ocean and want to save the planet.
Total War: Warhammer III
Total War: Warhammer III
A cataclysmic end to the Warhammer trilogy, the richest fantasy grand strategy experience to date.
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We're working with industry leading brands aiming for impact beyond convention.

Current partnerships and engagements.

Our current longterm partnership with Only One has led to significant impact and positive change within the ocean conservation space, from building digital eco-systems for individuals creating impact through transparent funding, through to changes in US policy on plastic waste.

Nespresso is the household coffee brand we all love and know, and the world's biggest recently accredited B Corp. We're currently working with the sustainability department on a new digital offering.

We’re working with SEGA® and Creative Assembly towards economic impact through new jobs, fostering healthier gaming communities, and using their next big title as a vehicle for new standards in gaming.

It starts with ourselves, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

Our most challenging global problems cannot be solved by governments and non-profits alone. By harnessing the power of business, B Corps commit to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet. We believe that what happens in the business is just as important as the output produced through the work. For us, becoming B Corp accredited is an opportunity to lead by example by doing more, and saying less.
We collaborate with brands who challenge the status quo and put brilliant ideas into practice. Our network involves those that actively seek to improve their product, service or offering to benefit social, environmental and economic sustainability. By weaving our values into everything we produce, we continually evolve to meet and exceed the challenges of tomorrow.

Meet your team of passionate individuals.

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Edmund Marshall-Lovsey

When Ed isn’t enjoying a newly brewed tipple on the advice of his local independent bartender, he’s either heads down in a book about the planet, wielding a bow and arrow at a medieval fayre, or rolling the dice on a not-so competitive board game with friends and family.

Edmund Marshall-Lovsey

Elsa Monteith

Elsa feels most at home cooking in her kitchen surrounded by her well thumbed recipe books, good friends, and a trusty cup of tea. You can find her reading in the park regardless of the weather, or watching low-brow reality TV at any given opportunity.

Elsa Monteith

Olivia Dias Bagott

Olivia is a collector of textiles from her travels, pulling at the thread of place and space at each destination she discovers. Soundtracked by spinning records and with a backdrop of the South coast of Brazil, Olivia enjoys slow sunny morning rituals and a Sunday brunch with friends.

Olivia Dias Bagott

Sara Taiyo

Sara has a love for cold water swimming with friends throughout the year, beginning many mornings with a dip in chilly waters. She’s always been fascinated by the science and wizardry behind vegan baking, and loves experimenting with the seasonal harvests from the community garden she volunteers with.

Sara Taiyo

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